The Sarto Client

At Sarto we believe that successful deals combine three fundamental factors: A quality asset, a quality client relationship, and a quality transaction. In a market with more buyers than good assets, the Sarto team prides itself not only in finding excellent artworks but in establishing privileged client relationships as well. Those two factors secured, your chances for a successful transaction improve dramatically.

We work with people who share our passion for art and who also see it as vehicle for portfolio diversification and an integral part of their patrimony. We work hand in hand with:

Private Collectors

Family Offices

Private Banks



As every group has its own requirements, our tailored services are designed to consider even the most minute details of every transaction we commit to. 

Interested in becoming a Sarto client or want to know more about our services?

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The Sarto Advantage

 As an independent advisory firm, Sarto works tirelessly to provide a professional service that truly differentiates it from other firms in the market. Our team works around the clock to grant you the rare access, time and money savings, risk reduction, privacy, and impartiality that make for the exceptional Sarto experience.

As a Sarto client you will benefit from:

Unique Sourcing Abilities : Sarto enjoys exclusive access to rare works of art in private collections unavailable on the market through its ample international network of clients, partners and collaborators, and decades-long standing relationships with some of the world's most serious collectors and their brokers. You dream of being the owner of a precise painting or sculpture? Sarto will find it for you.

Investment Protection : At Sarto, we believe that a good understanding of the past permits to better anticipate the future. Hence, we focus on artworks by Old Masters, Impressionists, and deceased Modern artists. Every great art collection starts with a solid foundation of artists present in the well-known and respected museums, institutions, and collections of the world. Why? Their value has already been proven and accepted by the market. They have an established track record, are more shielded from speculation, and less subject to the changing tastes and financial interests of big contemporary art players. 

Logistical Support : We address all issues pertaining to a work of art: restoration, framing as well as shipping and insurance with best quality and rates. As a global company, we are accustomed to handling international transactions. We ensure compliance with the differing import and export laws worldwide on a country by country basis.

Dedicated and Long-term Relationship : Sarto services do not end once a piece is acquired or sold by one of our clients. Your initial transaction with us is the beginning of the lifespan of the artwork and of our relationship. Once we become familiar with your goals as a client, we keep working on your behalf to achieve them. Due to this and our emphasis on long-term relationships, most of our clients come to us for more than just one transaction.

Absolute Confidentiality : In the era of the internet and big data, privacy is a major issue. At Sarto, confidentiality is a cornerstone of our business. It is what enables us to access the assets that we buy or sell, to earn your trust and protect your interests. We will protect your identity, your information, and your investment.

As a collector, your passion is our life's work.