Welcome to Sarto


Sarto is a global independent art advisory firm that specializes in the sourcing, valuing, buying, and selling of rare assets. Our aim is to demystify the complexities of the ever-changing art landscape of dealers, auction houses, galleries, and high profile independent collectors for our clients.

The Sarto Offering

At Sarto we enjoy working with both individuals and corporate clients to help them understand the reality and subsequent complexity of the art market today. Whether you are an experienced collector who desires access to assets inaccessible through traditional market channels, a first time buyer looking for guidance on how to buy a piece or create the perfect collection, a seller looking for a private, efficient and swift sale or a corporation interested in a luxury art fair full immersion, we are here to help.

As an independent firm we are free from the politics and financial pressures that plague some of our competitors and cloud their objectivity. At Sarto, we answer to our customer and to our customer only. Rest assured that with our advisors your interests come first.

We currently help Sarto clients with:

Buying & Selling

Authentication / attribution / Valuations

Auction Representation

Logistics ManagemenT